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Our Story

Everything began in the 1970s when I owned a farm and was working in agriculture which began to develop my passion for the land. It wasn't until 2007 that I met a friend that taught me everything I needed to know about coffee. That’s when my passion for coffee began and I decided to enter the business of green coffee beans.

Single Origin Coffee, also known as Sinor works to import, distribute green coffee beans to present Canada with the highest-quality coffee it deserves by maintaining the consistency of the alluring fragrance and perfectly balanced taste of the individual beans. 

The natural fusion of delectable flavor and exquisite aroma is what defines Single Origin Coffee Inc. The culturally provocative nation of Colombia coffee is the proud product of economic fortitude and the modest, hard-working spirit of those who meticulously treat and respect the land and its fruit. 

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Sales Team & Owner


A coffee lover with years of experience in the coffee industry

(587) 350 - 3070

Office & Marketing



I enjoy the challenge of coffee and helping our customer friends. 


Darren comes with great experience in the field and good organizational skills


Our Farmers

Our coffee beans are made by nature hands their gift to the careful hands of the experience coffee-growing families who ensure the quality persists from the early harvesting stage to the final, delicate drying. 

The coffee farmers are what defines our business their love and care for coffee is what makes our green coffee beans so special 

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